Background Heading Heading Ducks Hamster Bat pig horse sheep owl mouse fish seal hen goat blackbird whale giraffe reindeer lily

Illustration:  Jonathan Evans

A cat is a cat for all that.

And a mouse is a mouse not a bat.

      A hen is a hen,

      Lives its life in a pen

And a plaice is a fish that is flat.


A duck is the one who says “quack”

And it sleeps with its head on its back.

      Goats can be weird;

      Some come with a beard

And blackbirds are naturally black.


A horse has four legs and says “neigh”.

And you seldom see owls in the day.

      If a sheep you should meet,

      I know it will bleat

And it’s reindeers that pull Santa’s sleigh.


It’s a hamster that plays with a wheel,

And a piglet, of course, likes to squeal.

      A giraffe’s very tall,

      And if I can recall -

With a ball on his nose?  That’s a seal.


The whales love to swim in the sea,

And the insect who jumps is a flea.

      A lily’s a lily –

      Oh this poem’s so silly.

But that doesn’t matter to me.


Josie's Voice Recording