Funny Poems 3

A bottle of ketchup, two bottles of wine.

Sweet smelling shampoo, to make my hair shine.

    A lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber too –

    And carrots and turnips to put in my stew.


A packet of soup mix, some flour for the cake

And for dinner tonight, I think we’ll have steak.

    Some ham for our rolls and some of this cheese –

    And to keep in the freezer - a packet of peas.


A carton of milk – this large one will do –

No, the smaller one’s better for just me and you.

    A dozen small eggs? Oh no, I need large,

    A packet of sugar, and large tub of marg.


A box of teabags and, yes,  some of this coffee –

As a treat for the children I’ll buy them some toffee.

    Now this packet of cereal  - it’s my favourite one.

    No more on my list, so my shopping’s all done!



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