Ghosties on Posties


WordArt with some help from Josie

Magical/Mystical 2 Magical/Mystical 1 Wherever Were You

By Josie

Funny Poems 1

Written especially for my two grandchildren - Jessica and Daniel who laughed so much when I read it to them.  

Yes . . . . . .

Your poor Granddad’s had such a terrible fright –

The ghosties on posties have chased him all night.

    They wanted to catch him to make Granddad stew –

     And when he screamed out – well, wherever were you?


Your poor Granddad’s had such a terrible night –

He rode on his nightmare, all dressed in white.

    Through cities and countryside both of them flew.

     He tried to escape – but wherever were you?


Well he’s learned a hard lesson, of that I am sure,

And what Granddad did, he’ll not do any more.

     If he’d not eaten cheese before going to bed,

    The ghosts might have chased your poor Granny instead.


For Children