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A grumpasaurus gets quite tetchy

    If you sneak up from behind

And spray him with cold water.

    Well, that is what I find.


The  grumpasaurus is cantankerous

    If you wake him from a nap –

In fact a grumpasaurus is a

    Grumpy, grouchy chap.


A grumpasaurus gets quite crotchety

    If you hide his little treats –

And these include his chocolates

    And the chewy sweets he eats.


A grumpasaurus gets bad tempered

    If you write of him in verse –

And have you tried to make one smile?

    Oh!!!  Nothing could be worse.


A grumpasaurus?  Well it just might be

    Your mother or your dad.

When parents change into these things,

    It’s really rather sad.


But the grumpiest grumpasaurus

    Could be your Aunty Pam - - - -

And am I a grumpasaurus?  Well –

     Shhh – Perhaps I am.   Grrrrrrr!

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