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The Spooky King and Spooky Queen

   Thought it would be fun

To hold a Halloween Party

     And invite their friends to come.


“Spooks’ Palace is a gloomy place.

  Let’s see what can be done,

To make our awful, scary home

   A place for having fun.”


They painted giant footprints

   Which led up to their door,

And then some pumpkin lanterns.

   Well these really were a chore!


“Shall we make ghostly figures too

    To float around the air?”

Oh the food they cooked was terrible,

   And took ages to prepare.    


“I think they’d like some beetle juice,

   And a monster munchy pie;

Some little witches’ broomsticks and

   Some spiders’ legs we’ll fry.”


Said the Spooky King and Spooky Queen:

  “Real ghosts can come and play,

But do you think this partying

  Might drive our bats away?”


The night arrived and children came.

    Their costumes looked a treat.

The witches, ghosts and skeletons

     Came tripping down the street.


The evening was a great success -

  They ate, they drank and played.

The ghosties seemed to come and go,

   While lanterns gently swayed.


By ten o’clock they all were tired

  And thanked the King and Queen.

Then everyone went home at speed

   To dream some spooky dreams.


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