By Josie Whitehead

Intergalactic Loos


Magical/Mystical 2 Magical/Mystical 1

Now did it ever cross your mind

    How life in space might be?

What do you think that you would do

    If you had to do a wee?


Well would you pee out far in space -

    And then where would it go?

I’m sure I’m not the only one

    Who’d really like to know.


There isn’t gravity up there -

    I’m sure you know this fact -

So peeing out deep into space

    Could be a monstrous act.


The only thing to soak it up

    Are clouds up in the sky,

And for people living here on earth,

    What might rain down from high?


The aliens, I am quite sure,

    Have done as we would do:

They’ve given all the space travellers

     Intergalactic loos.


For Children

Story Poems 2