By Josie Whitehead

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Our teacher had a bright idea:  

    “Next week is Monster Week.

We’ll invite a monster to the school,

     But promise not to shriek."


Everyone had good ideas  

    Of how the day should go.

Up went hands to tell the class,  

     Their faces all aglow.


“A special monster party Miss,”  

    “And monster hide and seek."

“Can we make scary monster masks?”  

    “Or invent some ‘monster-speak’?"


“I’ll bring some yucky ice-cream too

    Served with a monster scoop.”

“My mother makes a tasty dish

     Called scream of toma-toes soup.”


“For parties Mum cooks eyeball snacks.

     We like them for a treat.”

“Well mine makes pickled bunions -  

      Made from real human feet.”


The day arrived and did he come?  

     You bet he did, for sure.

They heard a growl come from the hall.  

    All eyes went to the door.


You’d never think that there could be  

    A monster so appalling:

Ghastly, gruesome, grisly - worse –  

     Came in their classroom  c r a w l i n g!


"And did they keep their promises?"  

    No, they began to s h r i e k!

It didn’t take them long to start    

   Their monster hide and seek.


 No-one tried the tasty soup

      Or ate the devilled eyes.

The children quickly disappeared.

     I wasn’t too surprised.


"Perhaps he caught and ate them all,  

    Then had some beer to drink?"

No, surely they ran home to Mum –      

    But just what do you think?


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By Josie Whitehead

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