It’s time to start the meeting now.  Let’s put our minds to work.

What nasty things can you suggest to make them go berserk?

    If we work as a united team, they'll surely not get peace.

    Work hard today, enjoy yourselves and do not heed police!


Don’t give them time to think of God.  Just occupy their time

And, with a bit of prompting, they'll carry out your crime.

    Then later on, when they’re in court and us they try to blame,

    The magistrates will laugh at them and we won’t bear the shame.


Then tempt them all to borrow and to spend and spend and spend.

They won’t have time to be with God or see a lonely friend.

    So keep them well distracted. Let their radios blare loud.

    It’s hard to hear the voice of God through noise or in a crowd.


They mustn’t find the solitude to quietly think and pray.

They’ll find the non-essential things will busy them each day.

    Then when they think of Christmas, let them write it with an X

    For the very thought of Jesus Christ is rather too complex.


If you don’t want little devils to play nasty games with you,

There are many things that you can do and here are just a few.

     First, put yourself in God’s care and then let Him lead the way.

     Seek some quietness and beauty where it’s easier to pray.


If you turn to retail therapy or things that jam your mind,

You might miss an inner happiness of quite another kind.

    Do your dreams depend on scratch cards, or on other games of chance?

    Then rid yourself of these things and with angels you will dance.



Copyright on all my poems


This is a published poem, along with almost 400 others and chosen by teachers and children in schools in West Yorkshire.  I hope that your class will find lots of things to discuss after reading my poem.   Josie                        

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