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By Josie Whitehead

Within a well-stocked garden sat

    A pumpkin and her son:

The little pumpkin sat and sighed

    And looked up at the sun:


“Please tell me Mum,” the pumpkin said,

    “What use on earth are we?

We sit here growing as we do

     Whilst kids have fun, you see.”


His lovely mother looked across

    And smiled down at her son:

When you grow big, the day will come

    When we’ll have lots of fun.


“Take my advice and eat your food

    And you grow big and strong,

And there will be a nice surprise

     For us before too long.”


The summer sun shone bright and warm;

    The autumn winds then came;

But still the little pumpkin thought

    “Life really is a shame.”


I've watched the children all the year.

    They’ve played and had such fun,

Whilst here I’ve sat, upon this earth,

     Just growing in the sun.”


The wind arrived, the leaves came down

    And still it was the same.

Mum Pumpkin hadn’t told the truth.

     It really was a shame.


“Mum, what you said is not the truth,

     It’s all a pack of lies.

My life’s so boring, as you see,

    Beneath these stormy skies.”


The children picked the sweet red fruit

    That grew upon the trees.

The little pumpkin felt so sad:

    “Oh Mummy, answer please.


“I’m really so unhappy,

    For just what use am I?

There surely are more things to do

    Than growing ‘neath the sky.”


He thought he heard her answer him

     As she tried to explain,

But a clap of thunder drowned her voice

      And then down came the rain.


The children swept up golden leaves

    And autumn nights grew long.

The flowers began to disappear

    And birds sang much less song.


And the mother and her little son

    Still grew a bit each day,

But the little pumpkin’s face was sad.

    He felt full of dismay.


Mum Pumpkin surely could have said

     What was the nice surprise,

And as he sat and thought of this

    He heard the children’s cries.


Then Pumpkin and his mother were

    Both taken up with pride.

They saw the family’s house appear

    And soon they were inside.


The children scooped their middles out

    And cut out mouths and eyes.

They disappeared but soon returned, and. . . . .

    Wait for this surprise!


They put inside the pumpkins’ heads

    Some candles burning bright.

So, who were the most important guests

    At the party on that night?





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