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On Pendle Hill, one starry night,                  

I saw a most mysterious sight.                      

     A witch on broom passed in the sky              

     And as she passed I had to cry:

"Oh witch, oh witch, where do you go?"

But did she answer me? Oh no!


One summer's eve on Ilkley Moor                

A tall young man *baht'at I saw,

     And Mary Jane was on his arm                      

     As they both walked around The Tarn.

Then as I called, they disappeared,

Now don’t you think this rather weird?


In Ireland on a summer's morn

I saw a tiny leprechaun.

    In a funny hat and coat of green              

    He was the strangest man I’d seen          

I waved my hand, and as I spoke,

He vanished in a cloud of smoke.


One afternoon, when in Loch Ness,

I saw the monster they call "Ness"            

   And with me was my little child

   Who waved to Ness and Nessie smiled.

But then she yet again escaped

Beneath the waters of the lake.


Copyright on all my poems



*  This poem was one of almost 400 poems published in 2010, chosen by teachers and children in many schools in Yorkshire.