Sun Fairy


By Josie Whitehead

Magical/Mystical 1 Weather/Seasons Copyright Magical/Mystical

Did you see the sun fairy

    Who dances in the sky?

She pushes fluffy clouds away

    And waves them all goodbye.


Did you hear her laughing

    As she waves her magic wand

And sends the sparkling ripples

   All across the village pond?


Did you feel her warming beams

    That kissed you on your face?

Or heard her tiny angry voice

    Sending rain off in disgrace?


I know you see her glowing smile

    Which lights this world of ours.

She makes children so happy

    And awakes the sleeping flowers.


She paints the rainbow pretty hues

    And peeps between the clouds;

Then, with her little teasing smile,

    Drops sunbeams on the crowds.


She gives pleasure to the children

    Who are playing in the sun,

But she scampers off at night time

    After all her work’s been done.



Josie's Voice Recording