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When Johnny lost his marbles -

    Everybody sighed.

“He’ll go nowhere without ‘em.

    He values them with pride.”


When Johnny lost his marbles,

    We sadly stood and watched

And Jack said: “I were playing ‘im,

    And now the game's been botched.”


Poor Johnny’s face was filled with woe

    And he shouted as in pain:

“I’ve lost me bloomin’ marbles now

      And I’ll not see them again.”


So we all set out to find them

    But we searched and searched in vain.

Then Jimmy cried: “Look, here they are!

    They’ve fallen down this drain.”


On knees with bottom sticking up.

    His hands reached down below,

He seemed an action man for sure

    And put on quite a show.


But things went wrong as things can do:

     “My arm's now stuck inside!"

So Big John grabbed him by the feet,

    And hauled him out with pride.


Then Freddy with much longer arms,

    Fished down inside the drain.

Out came the marbles - thank the Lord -

     So the game can start again.


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